The Films of 1999 Part II: Election


This is Part II of a video essay series on the films of 1999 and how they connect to the era/year in which they were made. Part II focuses on the movie, “Election” (Dir. Alexander Payne) starring Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon. Specifically, it focuses on how the character of Tracy Flick and the various assortment of crazy characters around her reflect the Clinton Administration and its rise and fall from 1992-1999. Everything from the Monica Lewinsky scandal to the miraculous prediction of the tumultuous Bush v. Gore 2000 Presidential Election is covered. This video essay is unique in that it does not use voice over narration, and instead utilizes a supercut style of editing, matching clips with archival footage and interviews to propel the thesis. Of course, the opening titles and end teaser of the video firmly place this in the three-part video essay series it originated from; however, it stands on its own legs and still provides a complete analysis of its topic. Enjoy.