Author: Madeline Theodoroff

SPARTACUS and the End of the Blacklist

During the time of the blacklist, a group of screenwriters were forced into hiding because of the HUAC trials. Many of those writers, and some directors, were not able to work because of the outcome of those trials. This group, called the “Unfriendly Ten”, were pushed out of Hollywood almost entirely because of the trial outcome, many never recovering after being sent to prison or even being cleared of all charges. There were plenty of writers and directors that did name names, and even though this allowed them to continue working in Hollywood, they also did not recover from the complete betrayal of their peers. However, one notable screenwriter that was punished due to the blacklist, Dalton Trumbo, continued his writing career in secret, writing under pseudonyms “loaned” to him by other writers free of the plague of the blacklist. He wrote quite a few films, some of the most noteworthy ones being Roman Holiday (1953) and The Brave One (1956). Some of his films, like The Brave One, took slight jabs at the blacklist …

Madeline Theodoroff is a graduating senior and a Cinema Studies major with a specialization in filmmaking.