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Hitchcock: Depicting Homosexuality in ROPE

  Shot Shot Description 00:00 Screenshot         1a CU       Opening image. Philip strangles David with a rope while Brandon holds David.         2:49                      1b MS       Brandon checks for David’s heartbeat to make sure he’s dead. Shocked Philip watches.         3:00           1c MS       Brandon commands Philip to open the trunk. They place David’s body inside.         3:09         1d MS       Brandon and Philip close the trunk. They both breath heavily for a few moments.         3:21           1e MS       Brandon turns on the light. Philip tells him not to, that he wants to “stay this way for awhile.”         3:38           1f MS       Brandon lights a cigarette and blows a cloud of smoke.         4:07   …

Troy Walker is a graduating senior at Oakland University with a major in Creative Writing and a minor in Cinema Studies. Troy is currently working hard on his first feature-length screenplay and hopes to get it financed and produced soon. After graduation, he plans to pursue a career in both the book publishing and filmmaking industries, as well as write his first novel. He is also the proud father of two adorable cats who (when they're not taking long naps) like to watch movies with him.