Issue No. 3

Screen Culture Journal No. 3 – 2017

The Decline in Popularity of the Western Film Genre by Ben Pivoz

The King of the Swashbuckler: Errol Flynn and His Early Screen Persona by Rachel Delfuoco

Art Cinema and Second Wave Feminism: Addressing Representations of Gender and Sexuality in a New Way by Sarah Griffith

Action Adventure: Conventions, Aesthetics, and Structure by Adam Kenney

Gender and Sexuality in Mad Max: Fury Road by Karl Cox

Cult Films, Cult Fans, and Cult Rituals by Lawson Robinson

Pre-Code and Scarface‘s Impact by Lydia Hanna

Indian Cinema’s Dialogue With Neorealism: Creating Something Different Than Bollywood by Neha Shah

Vittorio De Sica and Italian Neorealism by Aimee Ginez

The Triumphant Comeback of Robert Downey Jr. by Holly Nellis

Feminism in Mad Max: Fury Road by Darby Freeman

Transnational Satire: Communism v. Capitalism by Nicole Diroff