Issue No. 6

Screen Culture Journal No. 6 – 2021

Kelsi Covard-Smith
Bryce Carlisle
Isabella Catalano
JC Elliott
Julian Enghauser
Brandon Gordon
Ian Haas
J Hayward
Marissa Hruska
Max Isola
William Kowalski
Malen Lewis
Ashlyn Miller
Jackson Rutman
Jaden Sauvola
Abby Witter
Rebecca Yousif

Essay Submissions

The Forgotten Impact of Film: An Introduction to the Film Preservation Cause by Ryan Handley

Understanding the PCA and its Effect on Bullets or Ballots by A’lexus Patton

The Development of Screenwriting and the Hollywood Studio System by Sarah Almi

Ousmane Sembène: Critical Cinema in African History by Sarah Snook

From Varda’s Paris to De Palma’s California: The Camera’s Contempt for the Audience by Madyson Dejausserand

American Cinema and Political Expression by Kelsi Colvard-Smith

Politics and the Rise of the Ultra-Violent Horror Film in the 2000s by Bryce Carlisle

The Tangled Mess of Lois Weber’s Where Are My Children? by Danielle Nicholson

American Masculinity: The Marketing of Humphrey Bogart by Adam Nollen

Park vs. Prominence: How Bread (1918) Speaks for Women of the Silent Era by Hannah Cummings
Winner of the 2020 Film Studies and Production Writing Award

Rocky Road to the Irish New Wave by Haley Spencer
Winner of the 2021 Film Studies and Production Writing Award


Video Submissions

MTV: The First Decade by Sarah Almi

Euphoria and the Humanistic Approach to Narration by Emmanuel Baker

Terence Fisher: Auteur by Ryan Handley

The Films of 1999 Part II: Election by Wyatt Key